High Quality TAG Heuer Announces Connected E4 Sport & Golf Smartwatches

TAG Heuer is releasing three new versions of its popular Connected Calibre E4 replica smartwatches. Each of the versions comes in black DLC-coated titanium and focuses mainly on new software features, but with some updated hardware elements as well.

The three new Connected E4 watches include two 42mm-wide models and one 45mm-wide model.Both feature DLC-coated 42mm-wide grade 2 titanium cases and have slightly domed sapphire crystals over the OLED touchscreens.

One of these two black models is just the standard High Quality TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 42mm Replica with the stock software and a black rubber strap. The other version is the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 42mm Golf Edition – which I believe is the first time the Golf Edition of the Connected has been offered in this size.

The watch features the same black case but comes with a white rubber strap as well as a black leather strap included in the box. More important is the new software that the Connected Golf Edition watches get. According to AAA+ Tag Heuer Replica the intelligent software is now able to automatically track your golf game.

The final new TAG Heuer Connected model is a 45mm-wide E4 “Sport Edition” that adds some new software and hardware features to the existing TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 collection.This builds on Tag Heuer Replica Watches existing software, and according to TAG Heuer includes not only more sport activity profiles, but also expanded data tracking and monitoring for many of them.

The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Sport Edition 45mm reference SBR8A80.EB0259 watch has more than just some new software and colors as there is a slight hardware change and some new straps. The TAG Heuer Replica crown apparently now has a rubber ring around it in order to provide a better grip during sports or when you might be sweating.

Case water resistance is still 50 meters, and eventually, I think TAG Heuer needs to aim for 100 meters to be maximally competitive. More important are the new rubber sport straps (they come with either red, blue, or orange trim) which is exactly what I think the Connected smartwatch collection needed.

For the Factory direct sales of the best Sport Replica Edition TAG Heuer developed a new rubber strap with a matching black-colored titanium pin buckle, along with a new architecture that is designed to allow it to easily stretch for comfort. This is really important so that the TAG Heuer Connected E4 hardware’s wearing experience can live up to the software’s measuring experience.

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 best replica watches in the world

Although the age of the smartwatch has been well and truly upon us for the better part of a decade, the traditional Swiss replica watch industry’s place in this burgeoning market continues to evolve.

The original TAG Heuer Connected was heralded as the first established Swiss challenger to the smartwatch dominance of Silicon Valley tech giants, and over the intervening years the line has grown, been refined, and traveled in some genuinely novel stylistic directions.

2022 brings with it the fourth generation of the Cheap Tag Heuer Connected Replica series, with sleeker, more curvaceous cases, new guided workout routines, and a suite of new dial options delivering more useful data than ever before.

The new TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 series aims to keep the Connected at the forefront of the Swiss smartwatch effort with an improved microprocessor, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and an updated OS scheduled to come online shortly after the watch’s initial release.

Available in both 45mm and a new 42mm size, the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 series introduces a smoother, more tapering look to its cases.

The 45mm Tag Heuer Replica Watches cleaves closer to the established Connected formula, with options in both stainless steel and matte blasted black DLC titanium. The polished black ceramic bezel of previous generations is carried over here, featuring the same narrow profile and engraved minutes scale.

For the rest of the case, however, TAG Heuer moves in a decidedly more rounded direction than the third-generation series. Although the case still bears clear callbacks to the Carrera series, such as its inward lug bevels, the overall impression is more streamlined than its predecessor.

The AAA+ Tag Heuer Replica stainless steel case of the new 42mm offering follows most of the streamlined design cues of its larger stablemate, but here, the brand takes the base form in an even sleeker, more refined direction.

In keeping with this smoother, less aggressive philosophy, both the crown and pushers are visually simplified. For the pushers, the revised form is left without accent notches, and the black rubberized crown of the 45mm model is replaced with a fully polished pillbox crown in steel. Both case size options offer a smartwatch-adequate 50 meters of water resistance.

TAG Heuer also includes a new charging stand for the Popular Replica Connected Calibre E4, which both acts as a display for the watch during charging and activates a low-brightness time-only dial display for nighttime charging. Full charging from zero battery can be accomplished in 90 minutes.

With a smoother streamlined look, more case sizing options, a suite of technical improvements, and more functionality than ever before, the Wonderful Quality Replica TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 series is a robust effort to keep the brand at the head of Switzerland’s smartwatch offerings.