TAG Heuer replica watches the first official selection of the national space agency’s international cooperation brand

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On June 19, 2017, the famous Swiss watch brand, the moon city xichang satellite launch base, helped China’s space industry. In 2016, the brand teamed up with the China national space administration’s Mars exploration project. This time, the tiger tag heuer glory once again become a lunar probing is the China national space administration official strategic cooperation partners and authorities choose timing, marked the lunar project in China from now on also officially entered the tiger elegant time! Tagtag will continue to adhere to the pioneering spirit of # on Crack Under Pressure# (Under pressure), and support China’s space industry and lunar exploration program. The satellite was launched on June 19 in the early hours of June 19, and was held at the xichang satellite launch center in the afternoon of June 19.

The site of the event was set at the historic xichang satellite launch center in China. Founded in late 1970, it has put countless satellites and foreign satellites into space and built up outstanding achievements for the development of China’s space industry. Positive enterprising, hardworking with tiger tag heuer brand spirit, with a commanding lead precise timing function to conquer every tough challenges, even further into space, fearless, show its excellence and innovation of brand glamour.

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On February 20, 1962, as the wrist watch brand, into space in the first paragraph of the tiger tag heuer with American astronaut John glen driving the spacecraft made a successful lift off “friendship 7”, complete the feat to orbit the earth for three weeks. Tygar and John glaine bear witness to this historic moment of significance for the entire human race, and this watch is from the brand’s 2915A stopwatch.

In May 2012, teghauer visited the international space station with SpaceX, a space exploration technology company, to verify the reliability and accuracy of its own Calibre 1887 machine core in extreme conditions.

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On July 12, 2016, tiger tag heuer officially became the Swiss Space Systems (Swiss Space Systems, hereinafter referred to as S3) zero gravity flight (ZeroG) program partners, jointly with the public as a exclusive “boarding pass” by airbus, experience extraordinary journey. In 2016, on October 26, tiger tag heuer held in tianjin, or “dream space” culture exhibition, concentrated rendering brand 155 years history in the process of technology to take off again and again, when many of which were an excellent show the brand from 1/100 of a second, to 1/1000 of a second to 5/10000 of a second, again and again to break through the miracle, remarkable achievements.

On August 23, 2016, teghola joined the Chinese Mars exploration project to officially enter the time of teghauer. It marks the start of a global campaign for the name and graphic logo of the Mars exploration project, and the long-awaited design of China’s first rover.

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From the beginning of space to the exploration of Mars, one step at a time paved the way for the undissolute of teghola and spaceflight. It is a time to work together with China’s national space agency (NASA) to create a time and space miracle.
Since the 1950s, the air race between the state and the state has begun. The successful launch of each satellite means that humans have more eyes in space to observe and understand the unknown space. In the early hours of June 19th, carrying the Chinese people’s expectation and arduous mission, the carrier zhongxing 9A satellite will be launched by the long march-3b in xichang. After the countdown, the rockets broke the silent night sky, carrying the star 9A satellite in the sky, and the observer’s heart was excited and filled with hope.

Early Chinese space construction, under the pressure of huge challenges, the rocket technology to focus on the forefront of the development plan, the years of hard struggle and indomitable, for the fruitful achievements. On October 8, 1956, China’s first missile and rocket research institution, the fifth academy of defense, was established. In May 1958, China’s leaders proposed “we will also make satellites” and began the battle for artificial satellites. On April 24, 1970, China’s first man-made earth satellite (dongfanghong 1) was launched. On October 15, 2003, shenzhou v completed its first manned space flight; On October 24, 2007, Chinese lunar satellite realized the dream of the moon. In 2013, China’s first lunar probe landed successfully.