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Do not be late, straight into the topic. This article on Tiger TAG Heuer is an accident. If from the perspective of the
eyeballs, apparently Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and other watches is my best choice. But Tiger’s
recent performance, so I can not turn a blind eye, indifferent. So the original plan and you explore the content, I am
determined to postpone for two days, we first look at Tiger TAG Heuer. In the recent auction market, we can clearly see that
some of the TAG Heuer valuation, the transaction price is rising (when TAG Heuer has not been renamed Tiger TAG Heuer). Even
the valuation of the Hawthorn timetable has reached the level of Rolex Paul Newman, surprising. So what I want to do today
is for the players to show these values ​​are rising TAG Heuer timetable. The rise in the value of the collection will lead in
the sales of word of mouth and worth the rise, and these watches have been re-engraved version of the adventure.

Such as Monaco, Carla these watches, is the most popular models in the market. In the auction market, the hot TAG Heuer
timetable (this period of TAG Heuer not yet with the TAG prefix) is not what we can now see the model in the market, but for
a long time, has not once again launched a modern version Of the TAG Heuer Autavia Chronograph (Tiger TAG Heuer launched
this year, re-engraved version of Autavia, I will talk later).

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These price figures, for the familiar watch secondary market players, you can at a glance, these prices in the auction, the
secondary market can buy what watch, you are also very clear. Autavia “using the first generation dial, the second
generation of the pointer” version of the valuation of the price range, you can buy Rolex Dittenau Paul Newman; Autavia
“second generation”, “third generation” price range, you can buy A word The head of the Royal Oak 5402. Whether it is Paul
Newman or A prefix head of the oil are the most hottest watch in the auction market. From the usual point of view, Tiger
watches and they are not in the same paragraph. The recent situation also makes me feel surprised to Autavia specific models
as the representative of TAG Heuer, suddenly rise.

Although we know that the auction market sometimes there will be some controversy, there will be some left hand right hand,
buyers sell each other good situation. Faced with the sudden rise in prices, there are objections are normal. Although I
often and you players to explore some of the trading market. But today we only talk about watches, do not talk about
dissent. Then I will show you, Autavia is a kind of watch, why would have such a high value.

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TAG Heuer Autavia (no TAG at the time) is not a well-known watch in the country, but it is very hot in foreign countries.
Autavia is the most important watch in all watches of Tiger TAG Heuer, if only from the value and status, it is more than
Monaco and Calera. Whether it is Monaco or Cala Lara’s current trading market without a table can be more than Autavia’s.
Autavia The origin of this watch is: when Haoya want to enter the US market, TAG Heuer’s business is Jack TAG Heuer. Jack
TAG Heuer liked the car, so he made a watch for the racing driver, that is, Autavia (launched in 1962, earlier than
Carlisle, Monaco). The word Autavia is the combination of automobile and aviation (car and air), meaning the chronograph for
racing and flying. The story is like this, the watch can fire, the story is on the one hand, important or watch is better,
to look good. Autavia biggest feature is the two large timing disk, we can clearly see, TAG Heuer Autavia chronograph timing
disk than other chronograph are large, which became the unique characteristics of the watch, the recognition is very high,
This is also one of the important reasons for igniting the fire. Another important reason is that Autavia is worn by many
celebrities, including Steve McQuee, Jochen Rindt (because Jochen Rindt wears the second generation of Autavia, the second
generation of Autavia is known as Rindt). I remember Autavia out of 9 generations (if wrong, please correct), the first
three generations of high value, the value of the next few generations as before. So I show you the first three generations
of Autavia, and players can refer to the beginning of each article at the beginning of each auction market price.