TAG Heuer New Aquaracer Superdiver 1000 Watch

AAA+ Aquagraph Replica from 2003 – a burly chronograph with centrally mounted minutes display, 24-hour recorder and pushers that can be operated underwater. It represents a bridge between the brand’s utilitarian spirit and a bold new design direction. That “bold new design direction” got a little carried away, and the Aquaracer was billed as a brace-removing tool watch that catered more to style than substance.

Then, in 2021, to celebrate the legendary Heuer 844 diver’s watch, the Aquaracer was given new life with a honed, more cohesive new design that better reflects the origins of its original tool watch.

One detail that shouldn’t be overlooked here is the thickness of the watch: 15.7mm, while it sounds thick, is actually relatively slim in the 1000m club.

The new crown guard, yes it does look a lot like the Cheap Tag Heuer Replica Seamaster Ploprof, it also features a full U-shaped guard that extends out of the case when the black DLC coated crown is unscrewed .

Another key design element shown here that the standard Aquaracer diver does not have is the helium release valve, located at 9 o’clock on the case. While much can be said about the necessity of this feature for hardly anyone who is not a true professional saturation diver, its presence is essential for any serious dive watch.

But this particular diver’s watch was so serious that it received 6425:2018 certification status, a stricter version of the traditional ISO 6425 certification that governs the durability, legibility and durability of Tag Heuer Replica Watch with “Diver” on the dial. reliability.

This is a COSC-certified chronometer with a 70-hour power reserve and date aperture.