TAG Heuer Connected X Super Mario Limited Edition Watch

TAG Heuer Super Mario 1:1 Replica is a powerful smart watch that provides a lot of interesting connectivity features. This watch is equipped with a powerful 1.6 GHz processor, equipped with a 1.5-inch bright LCD, it can stay alive and lick for a full 25 hours on a single charge.

For fitness enthusiasts, there is an exercise app and a health app that can be used to monitor heart rate, calories, and steps using built-in sensors. Finally, just like every smart watch, this TAG Heuer replica vs real watch can also be seamlessly connected to your phone, keeping the two devices in sync.

Gazing from the Clone Tag Heuer 45mm stainless steel case, you will see a black grip crown with Mario’s initials on it, bright red on it, and two buttons with bright red accents.

What adds to the visual interest is that the top border not only has eye-catching red highlights, but also has Mario elements, including super mushrooms, pipes, and super stars in the main position. But the fun does not end there, because the Tag Heuer Replica Watch theme is also well integrated into the interior.

First, you will get multiple themes inspired by Mario. In addition, these applications also embed special animations related to Mario.