ROLEX Submariner Real VS Replica

i have a custom red bezel and dial but the ticking the buckle the weight the serial code is available which means its real except for the dial and bezel which are custom

For those who says the fake is poor quality and doesn’t look similar to the original , take out your calculator and compare the price difference. for the extra 1000’s of dollars, don’t expect an exact similar replica.

If you have to go through all this to spot a fake… Then you are buying/shopping in the wrong place. All this “how to spot a fake is silly” like someone is REALLY going to examine your watch on your wrist this closely?? As if the wearer of the fake is going to be asked to remove his/her watch for an inspection??? Really? Normally when I see a watch on one’s wrist it’s at a glance or two and then the moment is gone. If some is eyeballing a wristwatch this closely… Beware.. They are either a thief or Queer. So if wearing the genuine article is important to you.. Go to an authorized Rolex deal or very reputable 2nd hand watch dealer and leave your scale at home.