Replica TAG Heuer Adds New Blue Dial To Aquaracer Calibre 7

If you dive, there’s a pretty good chance that you don’t do it in your own backyard — or even in your own local time zone, for that matter. So, it goes without saying that the added functionality of an extra time zone on a dive replica watch makes a whole hell of a lot of sense — it’s just a shame that there really aren’t that many of them out there. TAG Heuer seems to be doing its best to add to the mix with a new blue-dialed Aquaracer GMT equipped with a bi-colored aluminum 24-hour bezel.

At 43mm and with a richly detailed blue dial, I’m pleased to see that Fake TAG Heuer didn’t increase the case size of the already very bold Aquaracer to accommodate the added utility of the GMT.

As it stands, you can simply use the bezel to read a second time zone, function as an AM/PM indicator, or use as a rudimentary timing device by using the pip at 12 o’clock as a cardinal marker.

The collection has also seen a wide range of purpose-built complications over the years, ranging from highly specialized deep-sea divers, ana-digi quartz dive timers, regatta timers, and classic mechanical dive chronographs. But there had never been a GMT — until 2017, when the Tag Heuer Aquaracer GMT Replica, with its bright two-toned “Pepsi” bezel, joined the fold.